To the world, he was World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Lex Luger, “The Total Package.”

But behind the scenes, his life was a total nightmare.

About The Book

Pro wrestling sensation Lex Luger was leading a thrill-ride life, with fans screaming his name and money pouring in faster than he could spend it. One of the most memorable figures in the sport’s history, Lex was the ultimate all-American muscleman. The three-time world champion could slam anything that got in his way—and he believed he was invincible.

But outside the ring, Lex was self-destructing. He lived a secret double life that was taking him down and ripping his family apart, culminating when his mistress died from a much-publicized drug overdose. Without realizing it, Lex was fighting for his very life—and the enemy was a host of his own demons.

Yet it wasn’t until he was at his lowest point that Lex Luger began to discover what true strength is all about. That strength would get him through the greatest challenge of his life: a paralyzing spinal cord injury.

In this stunningly honest memoir, Lex Luger reveals behind-the-scenes stories from the world of pro wrestling, recounts his dramatic struggles with personal failings, and shares how—through unexpected faith, grace, and redemption—today he’s standing stronger than ever and fighting the battles that matter the most.

About The Author

author-photoLex Luger is a three-time world heavyweight wrestling champion who has held nearly every championship and title obtainable in professional wrestling. Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Luger played college and professional football for a number of years.

As a wrestler, some of Luger’s career highlights include belonging to the legendary “Four Horsemen” group, slamming Yokozuna on the USS Intrepid to kick off the Lex Express tour, and being one of the headliners of Nitro, during which he was the first to defeat world champion Hulk Hogan on national television.

In 2006, Luger experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening, and the next year he suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury. He was diagnosed as a quadriplegic and told by doctors that he would remain so for the rest of his life. But today, Lex Luger is back on his feet, dedicated to mentoring others and sharing the incredible story of what God has done in his life.